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One that clicks, as:
a. A remote control, as for a television or DVD player.
b. A computer mouse.
c. A mechanical counter.


1. a person or thing that clicks
2. (Commerce) informal a foreman in a shoe factory or printing works


(ˈklɪk ər)
remote control (def. 2).


n (US inf: = remote control) → Fernbedienung f
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Burgers include the Mother Clicker, containing a beef burger, battered chicken, cheese and bacon, a Smokehouse Pulled rib burger, a vegetarian 'Bean Dreamin' bean burger and a 'Smokin' Bacon' burger which counts Wotsits on its toppings list.
TRAINING a horse using a clicker isn't something Vicci Holbrook-Hughes would usually advocate.
Games teach proper play, with some using clicker training to mark a desired behavior.
VOTE CLICKER is a campaign-related clicking game using crowd-sourced voting.
C4 Plus stands for "Cartridge Calibrated Custom Clicker." It is an elevation dial that is used in conjunction with what Burris calls the "C4 Wind Map MOA" reticle to compensate for bullet drop and wind deflection.
El objetivo del Estudio 1 fue explorar la percepcion del uso del clicker, por parte de los estudiantes, en diferentes situaciones de un curso de pregrado que se dicta en el septimo semestre de estudios universitarios de una universidad privada de Lima.
THE clicker is a relatively new genre that presents players with seemingly the most mundane of tasks - tapping the screen - to earn in-game currency to invest in items to multiply your scoring potential.
One relatively new technology is a personal response system or as it is otherwise known, clicker technology.
"A clicker is a small box that makes a clicking sound.
Moreover, the anonymity of clicker responses affords quieter students the opportunity to answer questions more frequently and is likely to decrease conformity to the ideas of those few students who tend to dominate classroom discussions (Beekes, 2006; Connor, 2009; Stowell, Oldham, St Bennett, 2010).
"Clicker" questions were used throughout the class to measure student learning.
Now, sharpen up that mouse clicker and get to work!