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One that clicks, as:
a. A remote control, as for a television or DVD player.
b. A computer mouse.
c. A mechanical counter.


1. a person or thing that clicks
2. (Commerce) informal a foreman in a shoe factory or printing works


(ˈklɪk ər)
remote control (def. 2).


n (US inf: = remote control) → Fernbedienung f
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Unless you've been living in a cave for the past 20 years, you've probably heard of clicker training.
In this clicker, you build up the different departments of your company only to have the secretary 'Barbragh', destroy it.
You can use a clicker to do this or just use treats at the time of the behaviour.
1 CLICKER TRAINING (Android) USE this sound-emitting app to try 'operant conditioning', aka clicker training on your puppy or dog.
While clicker technology has been used to engage students in the content of a course, provide instructors with real time feedback regarding student comprehension, and inform immediate changes in information presented by the instructor to remediate gaps in student understanding (Goldstein & Wallis, 2015), we are not aware of any applications designed to explicitly induce equivalence classes that consist of academically relevant course content.
Meedzan and Fisher, (2009) have described the clicker response system as small remote controlled devices that transmits infrared signals that are sent and picked up by a receiver that is within the instructor's computer which contains a software program that allows the responses to be visualized on a multimedia screen.
Some instructors love that a traditional clicker can't do anything else, such as browsing the Internet, while others have embraced the mobile app and allow students to bring out their smartphones in class.
And Grace Wilday Junior High School in Roselle Public Schools in New Jersey uses Qwizdom, another clicker.
The literature informs our presentation of six hypotheses related to potential effects on student participation when a group of students, working collaboratively, are forced to share a single clicker.
Mouser is also offering the CEC1302 toolchain from MikroElektronka, which includes the CEC1302 clicker, the clicker 2 for CEC1302, and the mikroProg for CEC.
TRAINING a horse using a clicker isn't something Vicci Holbrook-Hughes would usually advocate.
VOTE CLICKER is a campaign-related clicking game using crowd-sourced voting.