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One that clicks, as:
a. A remote control, as for a television or DVD player.
b. A computer mouse.
c. A mechanical counter.


1. a person or thing that clicks
2. (Commerce) informal a foreman in a shoe factory or printing works


(ˈklɪk ər)
remote control (def. 2).


n (US inf: = remote control) → Fernbedienung f
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Obviously, like with all clickers, higher goals take more time to achieve the longer you play the game.
Thirty-two students in one section were assigned to the clickers and sorting group, and 23 students in another section were assigned to the exposure control group.
Several vendors still offer clickers but have also moved toward embracing app-based response systems.
Student response systems generally come in two forms: device-based, where students use clickers to enter their answers; and app-based, where students record responses on their phones or school-issued tablets or laptops.
Accordingly, learning activities can be included in achievement assessments, and therefore may result in creating critical thinking, problem-solving, and content assessment based on the use of computer-based examinations, portfolio's, clickers, and journaling.
Students were later introduced to clickers for in-class use to their delight.
Clickers are educational technology tools that are commonly used to facilitate students' interaction with an instructor in real time.
Asi llegarian al aula con un conocimiento previo, se podria evaluar este conocimiento a traves de los clickers y luego se desarrollarian actividades que permitieran anclar estos conocimientos previos.
Deputy prolocutor Cynthia HainesTurner said voting by using clickers has the effect of turning votes into secret ballots, "which is not where we have been or the way we work, so we may need to think about that.
The 13th straight triumph by the Blaze Spikers didn't come without a struggle as the Lady Clickers mounted a last stand by winning the second set and extending the third frame.
History looms for the star-studded Petron Blaze Spikers as they try to finish off the Shopinas Lady Clickers today in Game 2 of their best-of-three Philippine Superliga All-Filipino Conference title series at the Cuneta Astrodome.