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Noun1.clickety-clack - a fast and rhythmic click-clack; "the clickety-clack of the typewriters"
click-clack - a succession of clicks
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You and Diana walked home from school together and then stood down there in the snow for half an hour more, your tongues going the whole blessed time, clickety-clack.
With a clickety-clack and a choo-choo-choo, Carmela LaVigna Coyle's Wild Zoo Train chugs through desert, jungle, savanna, frozen tundra, and beyond while a sprightly conductor clamors over cars, calling out amusing rhymes to introduce an entertaining variety of plants, mammals, insects, and reptiles in their native habitats.
The clickety-clack of the wheels provide a comforting soundtrack, accompanied by a mid-range hum of the engines, several cars ahead.
Three days passed with agonizing slowness as the train's monotonous clickety-clack, clickety-clack lulled us.
The rapid-fire sequence of disparate images accompanied by a non-diagetic clickety-clack sound track is the antithesis of conventional animation, where the goal is an illusion of continuous natural motion.
Using the clickety-clack tractor, Mickey plants seeds that immediately turn into carrots and lettuce when watered.
If you miss the clickety-clack of typewriter keys, and long to recreate it, several apps may help you scratch that itch.
My father used to pound a manual Olympus typewriter with the clickety-clack of the keys telling us how inspired he was.
My guitar will not stay in tune," he called after her, but the clickety-clack had become distant, and there was no response.
The upshot is a smoother ride, minus the clickety-clack riding experience usually associated with jointed rail tracks.
Auden) and film-makers at the GPO Film Unit, a collaboration which produced the much admired film The Night Mail, with its music by Britten and its clickety-clack lines by Auden: "This is the night mail crossing the Border, bringing the cheque and the postal order".
THE constant clickety-clack and the roller-coaster screams soon became the backing track to our lads' trip to Spain.