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Noun1.clickety-click - a fast and rhythmic click-clack; "the clickety-clack of the typewriters"
click-clack - a succession of clicks
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The exciting clickety-click, as it grew louder and louder, seemed to be beating upon his soul.
Yes, there was the recognisable, rhythmic clickety-click of the passage over the rails, but it did not seriously intrude upon the hundreds of millions of journeys made by rail users over the years and years of train travel that had preceded the regulation-bound, health and safety conscious, snowflake-controlled fiasco that masquerades as train travel today!
IT'S clickety-click, to use the bingo callers' phrase, as the new September car registrations hit the road in a flurry of sales.
While in Shanghai, there's a rhythm to sip-slurp-sip of soup being downed, the clickety-click of chopsticks, and the bom-bom-bop of cups and bowls thrown down on tables.
"Speech Lessons" hums on the nursery rhyme rhythms of the train, "clickety-click, lickety-split" that ferried him to wartime Belfast for the lesson.
The variations of reference, tone, and diction in Speech Lessons are remarkable: we travel from the Muldoonian playfulness of "clickety-click, lickety-split" to the gravity of "Silences," wherein poetry is "a prayer before an unknown altar, / a spell to bless the silence."
The buzz of electric shavers, interspersed with the clickety-click of comb against scissor, reverberated round the little wooden-panelled room, bedecked with adverts for Durex and Old Spice.
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So much of our time will be spent on tenterhooks, dreading the moment Noor gets into the kitchen knife draw, or plays clickety-click with the switches - shorting the whole house in the process.
The clickety-click of an assortment of heels on the ancient streets can be heard even from within the warmth of the cafE[umlaut].
CLICKETY-click: Nickname for 66, one of 90 numbers called in Bingo.