clicks′-and-mor′tar or click′-and-mor′tar,

pertaining to or being a company that does business on the Internet and in traditional stores or offices.
[1995–2000; on the model of earlier brick(s)-and-mortar, referring to physical buildings or sites]
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Sam Jardine, Watson Burton's lead partner on the agreement said: "Due to the clicks-and-mortar nature of North Atlantic Import's business this was a particularly complex cross-border agreement, as we needed to ensure that all parties were clear about geographic sales boundaries.
Some businesses offer a combination of local dealers and online services - clicks-and-mortar operations - that allow users to buy online or in person.
But Scott doesn't believe solely in a "clicks-and-mortar" approach to success.
By giving consumers the option of receiving their prescriptions by mail or picking them up in Rite Aid's outlets, has been able to capitalize on the so-called "clicks-and-mortar" strategy so many E-commerce watchers argue is necessary to stay in business.
The survey of 31 large 'clicks-and-mortar' companies, 14 dot.coms and 28 online media suppliers indicated that companies will have to take into account the emergence of mobile phones and TV set top boxes when planning advertising space in the future.
WHAT SHOULD BRICKS-AND-MORTAR, CLICKS-AND-MORTAR, AND DOT-COM businesses measure now and in the future to determine their success?
The company is pursuing a clicks-and-mortar strategy, acquiring old barter exchanges and bringing them online.
Clicks-and-mortar!") people will begin to believe the hype, at least long enough to make some cash on the IPO.
As a result, many bricks-and-mortar companies are now attempting to reshape themselves as "hybrid" clicks-and-mortar organizations.
As part of the clicks-and-mortar revolution, the Solomon Smith Barney report foresees rapid expansion of this hybrid retail model, as exemplified by through its relationship with Rite Aid Corp.
Many banks are choosing the 'clicks-and-mortar' route for going online, giving customers the ability to visit branches.
Irish builders see the potential as the best example yet of the "clicks-and-mortar" marriage of the new and old technologies.