cliff dwelling

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cliff dweller

1. A member of certain Ancestral Puebloan groups of the southwest United States who built rock or adobe dwellings on sheltered ledges in the sides of cliffs.
2. Informal A person who lives in a large apartment house, especially in a city.

cliff dwelling n.
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Noun1.cliff dwelling - a rock and adobe dwelling built on sheltered ledges in the sides of a cliffcliff dwelling - a rock and adobe dwelling built on sheltered ledges in the sides of a cliff; "the Anasazi built cliff dwellings in the southwestern United States"
dwelling, dwelling house, habitation, home, abode, domicile - housing that someone is living in; "he built a modest dwelling near the pond"; "they raise money to provide homes for the homeless"
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Clambering down steps and up ladders at Cliff Palace - Mesa Verde's largest cliff dwelling - we got a close-up view of where those Pueblo people survived until the late 1270s AD, when they mysteriously gave up their cliff lodgings and headed south to New Mexico.
Recent conditions have certainly had a profound effect on our east coast colonies of sea-birds, most notably upon guillemots, for over the course of a couple of weeks, considerable numbers of these essentially marine and sea cliff dwelling birds were literally falling from the sky in inland locations.
Years later, after Ray's death in a heartbreaking accident, when Thea leaves Moonstone and moves to Chicago, hoping to make it as a singer there, she visits the Southwest and lives in a cliff dwelling herself-an essential experience for her artistic awakening.
After a long stretch of hard climbing young Wetherill happened to glance up at the great cliffs above him, and there, thru a veil of lightly falling snow, he saw practically as it stands today and as it had stood for 800 years before, the cliff palace--not a cliff dwelling, but a cliff village; houses, courts, terraces and towers, a place large enough to house 300 people, lying in a natural archway let back into the cliff.
Silverton follows Palmer's blueprint promoting rial rides and mine tours alongside Mesa Verde's ancient cliff dwelling. Some of our success is just pure dumb luck," said the historical society's Rich.
It passed through areas above and below the cliff dwelling known as the Long House.
The day's adventure begins with a stop at Montezuma Castle National Monument, a five story cliff dwelling built by the Sinagua Indians in the year 1250.
Mistakenly named for the last Aztec emperor of Mexico, who ruled centuries after the ruin was occupied, the complex cliff dwelling was fenced off from close investigation, undergoing repairs when we arrived.
Another of the publisher's complaints was the use of southwestern cliff dwelling for the set.
Summer hovers over us, like the rock-wall over the cliff dwelling on this month's calendar, a heat too heavy to move with, a larger skull over the little house of eyes and mouth, not thinking .
Descendants of rock doves, originally cliff dwelling birds, the feral pigeon has adapted well to living alongside humans and is an integral feature of town centres across the country.
A quarter-mile hike starting at the visitor center leads to a famous cliff dwelling called Spruce Tree House, which appears like a chiseled architectural marvel from the trail, then unfolds into a dynamic village up close.