Having the temperature and humidity regulated by a heating and cooling system: a climate-controlled theater.
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Shape of things to come: An artist's view of what it looks like inside the climate-controlled marina, which forms part of the Mersa Meydan project in Jebel Ali, Dubai, on the Arabian Gulf coast.
Chief Insp Mark Colquhoun said: "Ivy was in a purpose-designed climate-controlled police vehicle with another dog.
The company said the sugarhouse will contain an evaporator and three climate-controlled tanks with a combined capacity of 18,000 gallons.
Paramount Metal Systems of Little Rock, a contractor that specializes in pre-engineered steel structures and roof systems, will be designing and installing the climate-controlled units at 4324 S.
By contrast, the privileged of today are ensconced in climate-controlled private boxes with other services devoted exclusively to them.
Sun and wind generate energy and most food is grown in climate-controlled green houses.
OCS Logistics provides climate-controlled and dry product handling throughout the United States.
Operators have been pleased with the climate-controlled cab, which also elevates to offer better views and comes down to ground level to make it easier for the operator to get in and out of the cab.
According to the Times, "The home was described as `a palatial estate with ocean and city views.'" It has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a billiard room, a climate-controlled wine cellar and a crystal chandelier.
Through an exclusive partnership with wine merchant Morrell & Co., residents will have access to unlimited wine storage in a climate-controlled cellar.

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