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1. Of or relating to climate.
2. Ecology Influenced by or resulting from the prevailing climate.

cli·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.climatically - with respect to climate; "they were used to a climatically different environment"
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Xin-Ran Li, a postdoctoral researcher alongside Kumar and Eystergaard and lead author of the study, said, "we speculate that such mechanisms have evolved to facilitate proper seasonal timing of dispersal to ensure that seeds are released under conditions that are both timely and climatically optimal for germination.
a new, simple roof support system, which encloses the hall climatically and acoustically, is to be built on the existing foundations.
OnTime Networks is a technology leader for rugged, time synchronized, fully managed, modular Gigabit Ethernet switches, specifically designed to operate reliably in the harsh and climatically demanding environments of the Aerospace and Defense Industry.
Located in climatically diverse areas, these sites are subject to severe microbial growth of varying types.
Gulf News spoke to immigrants who took the leap to arrive in this big, tough, climatically impossible country.
He regarded Paris Climate Change Agreement as a hope for climatically safer world in future, especially for climatically vulnerable countries of Asian Pacific Region.
On one hand it bears much cost of production and secondly this experience has not succeeded in climatically warm countries.
Though it is a global scenario, it's time for people to realise the difficulties and challenges of the life of military personnel who serve in any climatically challenging conditions.
What we're observing is a climatically induced change in the Earth's surface," Bennett says.
Climatically, Pakistan can be the center for cultivation, of Stevia.
In terms of climate protection, the most important output materials from a fridge demanufacturing plant are the climatically harmful VFC (1) and VHC (2) refrigerants and foam blowing agents, which are recovered from the waste appliances and then sent for destruction.
However, it is worthwhile for managers to be aware of where and when particular plantations may begin to experience conditions outside the range of conditions currently known to be climatically suitable for the planted species, so such sites can be monitored for any signs of potential problems.