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1. Of or relating to climate.
2. Ecology Influenced by or resulting from the prevailing climate.

cli·mat′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.climatically - with respect to climate; "they were used to a climatically different environment"
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OnTime Networks is a technology leader for rugged, time synchronized, fully managed, modular gigabit Ethernet switches, specifically designed to operate reliably in the harsh and climatically demanding environments of the Aerospace and Defense Industry.
The CM-4012FX-SW board also contains a fully rugged DV/DC power supply designed to comply to RTCA-D0-160G and MIL- STD461F/1275E specifically designed to operate reliably in the harsh climatically and noisy electrical demanding environments (e.
With extended environmental and operating capabilities (-20A to +60AC), AIS s DIN-Rail IPCs are suitable for climatically challenging environments requiring safety codes requirements.
What we're observing is a climatically induced change in the Earth's surface," Bennett says.
MPA Sardar Ahmed Ali Pitafi said that climatically Sindh has the distinction to cultivate early kharif crops but irrigation department releases water in the respective canals and distributaries very late, therefore growers are left with no choice but to grow rice.
In terms of climate protection, the most important output materials from a fridge demanufacturing plant are the climatically harmful VFC (1) and VHC (2) refrigerants and foam blowing agents, which are recovered from the waste appliances and then sent for destruction.
The festival highlights include a photo exhibition of the researcher and scientist Filippo De Filippi (1913-1914), exhibition of flora and fauna of the Central Karakorum National park, International Mountain Film festival and a conference to mainstream the natural resources, climatically, geologically and ecologically.
With additional warming projected for later decades of this century, as few as six former host locations would remain climatically suitable.
Image with caption: "Chart showing former Winter Olympic locations that are climatically suitable for future Games (Professor Daniel Scott, University of Waterloo) (CNW Group/University of Waterloo)".
Climatically disadvantaged hill farmers (of which I am one) will be "top of the list" of your league-busting policy because of what you have done.
The good thing is that we know each other and the other thing in our favour is that the game we have got in the north, where the conditions are going to be tough climatically, is against another European team so we are both going to be in the same boat.