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v. climbed, climb·ing, climbs
a. To move upward, especially by using the hands and feet: We climbed until we reached the shelter. The truck climbed the mountain highway.
b. To move in a specified direction by using the hands and feet: climbed down the ladder; climbed out the window.
c. To engage in the activity or sport of mountain climbing.
2. To rise slowly or steadily; ascend: The plane climbed into the clouds. See Synonyms at rise.
3. To slant or slope upward: The road climbs steeply to the top.
4. To grow in an upward direction, as some plants do, often by means of twining stems or tendrils.
1. To move upward on or mount, especially by using the hands and feet or the feet alone; ascend: The hikers climbed the mountain. We climbed the stairs. The tractor climbed the hill.
2. To grow in an upward direction on or over: ivy climbing the walls.
1. An act of climbing; an ascent: a long, exhausting climb to the top.
2. A place to be climbed: The face of the cliff was a steep climb.
climb the walls
To be anxious or frantic.

[Middle English climben, from Old English climban.]

climb′a·ble (klī′mə-bəl) adj.
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Adj.1.climbable - capable of being ascended
scalable - capable of being scaled; possible to scale; "the scalable slope of a mountain"
2.climbable - capable of being surmounted
passable - able to be passed or traversed or crossed; "the road is passable"


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In addition to lasers, catnip toys, crinkly balls, and climbable cat trees are perennial feline favourites.
A new fish pass has been installed alongside the weir, providing climbable slopes for fish wanting to travel upstream, meaning freshwater fish, such as barbel, roach, perch, dace, chub and pike, will be able to pass the site freely.
The castles come with slides, monkey rings, climbable surfaces and other equipment.
Its official title is Thor's Stone, but this impressive slab of very climbable rock has been enjoyed by families for generations.
Every time we neared a climbable pressure ridge, he would stop to glass, scanning the ahead.
More than 35,000 s/f of communal space includes a playroom with a life-size, climbable dinosaur, indoor dog run, arcade lounge with a bar and full kitchen .
The code specifies no climbable furniture and other objects near balustrades," he said.
The 413-sqm facility is air-conditioned and offers clean, comfortable, climbable walls ranging from 9-12 meters high.
The exhibition offers a climbable, full-scale model of a nest with 20 eggs discovered in China, likely laid by one of the largest oviraptorosaurs ever found, Gigantoraptor.
One of the most common pitfalls is making climbable items accessible to thieves.
temptingly climbable "It's only an hour each way," I say, believing Google Maps (why would they lie?
Either way, you'll want a sturdy fence for your new pet, because goats are the Houdinis of the animal world and will climb on anything that's climbable.