Clinical medicine

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that part of medicine or surgery which is occupied with the investigation of disease in the living subject.

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Stratton associate professor in Hematology and Oncology, an associate professor of Clinical Medicine and of Clinical Urology at Weill Cornell Medicine as well as a member of the board of directors and a funded member of the Genitourinary Committee.
Medical Physiology: Principles for Clinical Medicine, 5th Edition (online access included)
Z121107001012128)” instead of “Beijing Municipal Administration of Hospitals Clinical Medicine Development of Special Funding Support (No.
D degree in clinical medicine after he completed his research work under the supervision of Prof Dr Muhammad Athar Khan, says an announcement of the university here on Thursday.
Pocket handbook of nonhuman primate clinical medicine.
Twenty academics, researchers, and practitioners from the US, UK, Ireland, and Australia contribute 19 chapters to an updated edition of the first fully-illustrated textbook of small animal clinical medicine.
The journal's mission is to provide a forum for the exchange of information on a wide range of genomic-based fields with proven and/or likely implications for the current and future practice of clinical medicine and public health, including clinical teratology, bioinformatics, molecular biology, microbial genomics, pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine, cancer genomics and population genomics, among others.
When to insist on EBM, how to constrain autonomy and how to identify what limits the perfectibility of clinical medicine are more difficult questions to answer.
By providing a center structure and core resources, this support is intended to enhance the productivity of traditional research grants at the institution, focus investigators on environmental science issues relevant to clinical medicine and public health, and thereby improve the health of communities and the nation.
The quinolone class is one of the more important classes of antimicrobial agents discovered in recent years and one of the most widely used classes of antimicrobial drugs in clinical medicine.
The Color Atlas and Text of Clinical Medicine is innovative in its approach and addresses the theoretic basis of medicine, and then takes it one step further to include a clinical guide to the practice of medicine.

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