clinker brick

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Noun1.clinker brick - a hard brick used as a paving stone
brick - rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
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The outer facade of the gasteig, Rosenheimer strae 5, 81667 munich, Is largely designed with a clinker brick.
The public realm in Friargate is designed by international landscape architects Gross Max and made from the highest quality materials including grey granite and Dutch clinker brick.
The new entrance features a gabled frame constructed entirely of clinker brick.
Clinker, a pun on Clinker Brick an historic, vitrified, extremely high fire dark iron brown brick.
In formal terms, the blocks arc obviously siblings, with chiselled facades of rust and violet-hued clinker brick that give them a delicately flecked, almost tweedy countenance.
Clinker brick was removed, beige-green tile demolished, dingy signage taken out, and the public designs of the workers and farmers' state were obliterated.