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Any of various perennial herbs of the genus Clintonia in the lily family, native to North America and eastern Asia and having broad basal leaves, white, greenish-yellow, or purplish flowers, and blue or black berries.

[New Latin Clintonia, genus name, after DeWitt Clinton.]


(Plants) any temperate liliaceous plant of the genus Clintonia, having white, greenish-yellow, or purplish flowers, broad ribbed leaves, and blue berries
[C19: named after De Witt Clinton (1769–1828), US politician and naturalist]


(klɪnˈtoʊ ni ə)

n., pl. -ni•as.
any plant of the genus Clintonia, of the lily family, having white or yellow flowers on a short stalk.
[< New Latin (1818), after De Witt Clinton; see -ia]
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Noun1.clintonia - any temperate liliaceous plant of the genus Clintonia having broad basal leaves and white or yellowish or purplish flowers followed by blue or black berriesclintonia - any temperate liliaceous plant of the genus Clintonia having broad basal leaves and white or yellowish or purplish flowers followed by blue or black berries
liliaceous plant - plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber
genus Clintonia - sometimes placed in family Convallariaceae
Andrew's clintonia, Clintonia andrewsiana, red Clintonia - plant with nearly leafless stalk topped by a cluster of red or reddish lavender flowers; California to Oregon
Clintonia borealis, yellow clintonia, heal all - common woodland herb of temperate North America having yellow nodding flowers and small round blue fruits
bride's bonnet, Clintonia uniflora, queen's cup - plant with 1 or 2 white starlike flowers on short leafless stalks; Alaska to California and east to Oregon and Montana
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Other Clintonia stalking American inboxes: That Hillary refused to meet with Gold Star mothers, helped free two Black Panthers accused of torture and murder, numbers a horse thief among her distant kin, and was photographed with a soldier who crossed his fingers while shaking her hand.
According to American Indian Healing Arts (1999), antidiabetic herbs include devil's club, barberry, uva ursi, Cananda and daisy fleabane, alum root, joe-pye weed, red trillium, wild ginger, clintonia, bugleweed, and flowering spurge.
Clintonia Antique Farm Power Club Maple Rapids River Fest Tractor Pull.
South River Falls Trail, near Swift Run Gap, features these flowers plus Virginia waterleaf, blue-eyed grass, sweet cicely, buttercup, and white clintonia.
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