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 (klĭk, klēk)
A small exclusive group of friends or associates.
intr.v. cliqued, cliqu·ing, cliques Informal
To form, associate in, or act as a clique.

[French, from Old French, latch or from obsolete French cliquer, to click, clink, of imitative origin.]

cliqu′ey, cliqu′y, cliqu′ish adj.
cliqu′ish·ly adv.
cliqu′ish·ness n.
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Noun1.cliquishness - tendency to associate with only a select group
snobbery, snobbishness, snobbism - the trait of condescending to those of lower social status
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[ˈkliːkɪʃnɪs] Nexclusivismo m
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nCliquenwirtschaft f, → Klüngel m (inf)
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Comments, like the following, revealed teacher perceptions of divisiveness and cliquishness:
Childish names signal cliquishness and the immunity to ridicule that comes with money and power.
It has none of the lad culture of a rugby/football team and none of the cliquishness of a netball team (I concede these are sweeping generalisations).
Mean clustering [C.sub.p] = 1/N [summation [C.sub.p] is a measure coefficient over (i [member of]G) of the extent of the [C.sub.i] mean interconnectivity or cliquishness in a graph.
Through analytic derivation and simulations, Shaw and others [12] found that gossip destroys clustering in weakly clustered networks and increases cliquishness in networks with already high clustering.
C ( i ) quantifies the likelihood of whether the neighborhoods were connected with each other or not and C indicates the extent of the local cliquishness and local efficiency of information transfer.
Former service members can be bewildered by teachers who aren't willing to share successful lesson plans or instructional materials and by the cliquishness and rivalry among faculty subgroups sometimes present in schools.
It took time to realize the cliquishness was unintentional, a situation she called "lost in translation."
Though he had proposed a syndicate that encompassed Anglo-Celtic, Jewish, and French-Canadian business Interests, Phillips suspected that some of the individuals he hoped to interest lacked enthusiasm because they did not want "to associate themselves in the group he proposed." (22) Cliquishness and conservatism thus dissolved the prospects of a development under the control of local capital.
Adults call almost every person they know a "friend" Exclusive friendships, even "best friends," tend to be frowned upon as leading to cliquishness. The high rate of mobility in America has also led to a decline in lasting friendships.
Too much positivism and buffering cliquishness have been killing literature and art on the Cape, rendering it highly commercial, pro-Chamber of Commerce business, hardly at all the kind of stuff democracy demands.
(Those who are spending their first summer at camp are simply referred to as "first timers.") To avoid cliquishness and to promote broader friendships within the unit age groups, cabin groupings are shuffled each year (so every cabin, by default, also becomes "new" each year.) As summer progresses, campers and staff get to know others outside of their cabin, unit, or existing circle of friends.