n.1.The tendency to associate in cliques; the spirit of cliques.
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Morat carefully analyses how the three authors, after 1945, tried to balance their elitism and their rejection of cliquism, their anarchic leanings (in the case of the Jungers) and their affirmation of community, be it national, European, or global.
Spector and the Subjective Factor: The Problem of Cliquism
The point about personal cliquism and warmth and understanding toward comrades not necessarily being the same thing is underlined by this communication.
The friendliness of bowls is not advanced by the tendency in some clubs toward cliquism.
The nation stands between the partial menace of cliquism and the total scandal of a retreat from imagination, from style, from the fastidious.
For Cannon and others nothing less than the survival of the Trotskyist party was at stake, while for Cochran and Frankel the issue was one of bureaucratized cliquism and Stalinophobia,(20) forces that insulated an ossified politics from any possibility of contact with the larger radical milieu or the masses of potentially militant workers.