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Noun1.Clivers - annual having the stem beset with curved pricklesclivers - annual having the stem beset with curved prickles; North America and Europe and Asia
bedstraw - any of several plants of the genus Galium
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She's got cliver fingers of her own, and can be useful enough when she likes and I should miss her wi' the butter, for she's got a cool hand.
Hyperbaric (above atmospheric pressure) oxygen therapy (HBOT) is best known for saving clivers with "the bends" (decompression sickness), but it's also a well-documented medical treatment for many chronic and acute conditions (i.
Herbal remedies include elderflower and yarrow for their anti-inflammatory properties; prickly ash bark to improve circulation and ease pain; clivers, also known as cleavers or goosegrass, to stimulate lymph, and burdock root and uva ursi to get rid of toxins and support the kidneys.