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1. A long, loose outer garment, usually having a hood and no sleeves.
2. Something that covers or conceals: a cloak of secrecy.
tr.v. cloaked, cloak·ing, cloaks
To cover or conceal with a cloak or something that acts like a cloak: mist that cloaks the mountains. See Synonyms at disguise, hide1.

[Middle English cloke, from Old North French cloque, cloak, bell (from its shape), from Medieval Latin clocca; see clock1.]
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Adj.1.cloaked - having its true character concealed with the intent of misleadingcloaked - having its true character concealed with the intent of misleading; "hidden agenda"; "masked threat"
covert - secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed; "covert actions by the CIA"; "covert funding for the rebels"
2.cloaked - covered with or as if with clothes or a wrap or cloakcloaked - covered with or as if with clothes or a wrap or cloak; "leaf-clothed trees"; "fog-cloaked meadows"; "a beam draped with cobwebs"; "cloud-wrapped peaks"
covered - overlaid or spread or topped with or enclosed within something; sometimes used as a combining form; "women with covered faces"; "covered wagons"; "a covered balcony"
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In one test, a cloaked miniature boat sat motionless in the water even when waves continuously hit it.
Irdeto will provide Irdeto Cloaked CAwith Irdeto FlexiCore security solutions to HorizonSat for its new pay TV bouquet.
A true cloak allows the clear observation of the space behind the cloaked region, and the cloaked region casts no shadow and produces no wavefront changes in the light that has passed through the cloaked region.
Results show a great reduction of the scattering cross section of the cloaked device for Mach number up to 0.2.
Good job I landed on this pillow.'' "I beg your pardon?" "Sorry, madam." Cloaked night clubbers could really take a chance on love by dancing the night away and sharing a goodnight kiss with an anonymous partner.
Dr Xiang Zhang, of the US Department of Energy, said: "It's the first time a 3D object of arbitrary shape has been cloaked from visible light."
They redirect incoming light waves, shifting them away from the object being cloaked.
With this design, any observer will just see a flat ground plane and the scatterer will be invisible and thus effectively cloaked. We have also shown that despite being designed for 45 degrees, accepting a phase advance/delay of 3% of the period, results in an angular bandwidth of [+ or -]6 degrees.
Again, if you make the lenses big enough, the cloaked region would be big enough to hide most things - but on a smaller scale, there are not many doughnut-shaped objects that might benefit from invisibility.
But an obstacle arose: To achieve invisibility, light taking a detour around a cloaked object must catch up to light traveling in a straight line.
It blurs the user's accurate location and replaces it with a well-shaped cloaked region (usually a circle or a rectangle), according to some anonymity metric such as k-anonymity (the cloaked region must contain at least k users) or granularity (the size of the cloaked region must exceed a threshold).
Later on, some researchers [10-12] proposed schemes that a region is generated at first query to be the cloaked region in the whole life cycle of continuous queries.