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tr.v. clob·bered, clob·ber·ing, clob·bers Slang
1. To strike violently and repeatedly; batter or maul.
2. To defeat decisively.
3. To criticize harshly.

[Origin unknown.]


n (inf: = beating, defeat) → Tracht fPrügel (inf), → Dresche f (inf); to get a clobberingDresche (inf)or eine Tracht Prügel (inf)beziehen; (fig: from the taxman) → ganz schön geschröpft werden or was abgeknöpft kriegen (inf)
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Lifesavers bounce back, clobber Power Hitters !-- -- John Bryan Ulanday (The Philippine Star) - July 13, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Generika-Ayala wasted no time bouncing back from a tough defeat, clobbering skidding PLDT Home Fibr, 27-25, 16-25, 25-18, 25-14, in the Philippine Superliga All-Filipino Conference Thursday night at the Muntinlupa Sports Center.
TNT racked up its third straight win after clobbering Blackwater, 127-89, in the 2019 PBA Philippine Cup Saturday at Ynares Center in Antipolo.
We are calling for NHS funding to be made up from general taxation, rather than clobbering some of the most vulnerable in society with charges of up to PS4-an-hour.
Former regional hockey champions, Upper Hill, staged a 'statement' performance in their opener by clobbering Dagoretti High 10-0, while defending champions Dr.
He is released by his brother and they chase after and catch the culprit, rendering him incapable of escape by clobbering him with the ubiquitous cricket bat.
COUNCILLORS have been accused of "clobbering" low paid staff, in angry comments in the House of Commons.