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Verb1.clock in - register one's arrival at work
record, enter, put down - make a record of; set down in permanent form
clock off, clock out, punch out - register one's departure from work
odchodpíchat příchod
stemple indstemple ud
stimpla sig inn/út
işe girmek/işten çıkmak

w>clock in

vi (Sport) he clocked in at 3 minutes 56 secondsseine Zeit war 3 Minuten 56 Sekunden
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And above the trees shone the great, round, shining face of an illuminated clock in the tower of an antique public building.
And as Prince Michael's eye rested upon the glowing face of the great clock in the tower, his smile, altruistic as it was, became slightly tinged with contempt.
And then, from habit, he glanced at the clock in the tower, and made further oration.
Such an occurrence, of course, attracted universal attention, and every little old gentleman who sat in a leather-bottomed arm-chair turned one of his eyes with a stare of dismay upon the phenomenon, still keeping the other upon the clock in the steeple.
For the first location of Clock In, ALI transformed part of the penthouse of its Makati Stock Exchange (MSE) building in Ayala Avenue into a 400-square meter fully-equipped and furnished serviced office space now being pitched into a hub for start-up ventures, small to medium enterprises, groups working on a per-project basis, digital nomads and online professionals, freelancers, road warriors and swing space users.
Staff already login to HelloShift at the start of their shift - now they can clock in at the same time," adds Richard Metcalf, Vice President of Partner and OEM Sales at Celayix Software.