clock watcher

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Noun1.clock watcher - a worker preoccupied with the arrival of quitting timeclock watcher - a worker preoccupied with the arrival of quitting time
do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer, bum - person who does no work; "a lazy bum"
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CLOCK WATCHER McInnes hopes to ensure his players' body clocks are not thrown out by Euro trip
Even at nine years old she is a proper clock watcher and consults her wall calendar daily to make sure she doesn't miss anything, which is strange because even she ended up being late for an appointment last week and unfortunately this appointment concerned parents evening
Do yourselves a favour, don't even think of going into the industry if you're a clock watcher.
Which makes it all the more difficult for me to say that the movie amounts to nothing more than an implausible, contrived and illogical clock watcher that only die-hard fans will enjoy.
He was not a clock watcher and would not mind working for long hours, if need be.
The clock watcher can't wait for time--it never proceeds rapidly enough for him.
8 1 0 7 4 13 3 CLOCK WATCHER TO WEIGHT WATCHER FERGIE could yet eat humble pie for labelling roly-poly ref Alan Wiley a pie-eater.
Michaud is not a clock watcher, nor do employees feel her breathing down their neck.
Every manager is a bit of a clock watcher but Burnley boss Steve Cotterill takes it to extremes after a 1-0 defeat at Millwall
If you're a clock watcher you'll love a Photo Face clock (pictured), which has photo slots for every hour.
But it doesn't have to make mommy a rigid clock watcher.
Our building site foreman was a constant clock watcher and timed me and my mates whenever we went out for a break.