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highly systematic, precise, and dependable.
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So should one's respiration be mighty Aeolian gusts, one's metabolism as precise as the clocklike firmament, one's humors well irrigated to drown the demon that grows inside us all!
1. More than a hundred years ago, divers off the island of Antikythera came across this clocklike mechanism while sifting through artifacts recovered from a Roman shipwreck.
The cause of signature 5 remains unknown, but scientists do know that the number of signature 5 mutations is "clocklike," increasing with age.
Although similar to earth and mirroring society at that time, Mars is populated by fantastical creatures such as bushbears, crannybugs, and clocklike robo-servants that power up at night.
Modernity could be characterized as a quixotic Sancho Panza: idealistically committed to the perfectly calculable, clocklike nature of windmills.
Behind the lab bench, their arms swirled in clocklike precision as they fed the yeast cells a sugar solution in patterned and punctuated time frames, and then quickly pipetted the yeast into small conical PCR tubes.
The apps, called Music Wormholes, are tools that aim to provide a shortcut to "the musical universe." Scrolling through a clocklike wheel, you begin with simple chord diagrams for your instrument of choice (presently there are apps for guitar, ukulele and piano).
The skin of the injection site was prepped and draped and the liquid PRP was injected in a sterile condition using a 22G needle at maximal tender point at elbow using a peppering technique spreading in a clocklike manner to achieve a more expansive zone of delivery.
This repetition of words in the initial and later paragraphs, the clocklike swinging of the pendulum and the cyclical nature of the torture, render precisely the idea of revolution that can be traced in the interrelated rhythms of the story reminding also of Poe's credo expressed in The Poetic Principle: rhythm is the foundation of poetry.
The routine proceeds with clocklike precision, until Steph finds herself out of place when a hungry orca performs an out-of-water trick a little too soon.
Instead, the clocklike gears of the solar system line up Earth, our planetary neighbor and the sun with all but creaking slowness.
rather dubious that the cloudlike subject of politics can be the object of clocklike science.