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highly systematic, precise, and dependable.
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There, he had used radio waves to probe the secrets of pulsars, the spinning, magnetized neutron stars that emit bursts of radiation with clocklike regularity.
Behind the lab bench, their arms swirled in clocklike precision as they fed the yeast cells a sugar solution in patterned and punctuated time frames, and then quickly pipetted the yeast into small conical PCR tubes.
Scrolling through a clocklike wheel, you begin with simple chord diagrams for your instrument of choice (presently there are apps for guitar, ukulele and piano).
Our people, working with clocklike precision, were able to remove and reposition a 20-foot section of the truss before, during and after each game in a very limited amount of time," said Gordon.
The routine proceeds with clocklike precision, until Steph finds herself out of place when a hungry orca performs an out-of-water trick a little too soon.
Instead, the clocklike gears of the solar system line up Earth, our planetary neighbor and the sun with all but creaking slowness.
rather dubious that the cloudlike subject of politics can be the object of clocklike science.
With clocklike precision, in January 2011, a Foreign Affairs article cheered the "Good News about Natural Gas" that would lower prices and "reduce the political and market power of today's major oil- and gas-producing countries.
The golden colours stood out majestically on the tarmac with the Formula One logo impossible to ignore even as a series of Air New Zealand flights landed and took off with clocklike precision.
She moves through the ballet's striking angles, clocklike maneuvers, and dramatic pauses with fluidity and a guarded sexual energy.
Inside our bodies are several clocklike systems that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle.
The low smoothing parameter (100) for penalized likelihood found through cross-validation suggests that the data are far from clocklike (Sanderson, 2002).