clockwise rotation

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Noun1.clockwise rotation - rotation to the right
gyration, revolution, rotation - a single complete turn (axial or orbital); "the plane made three rotations before it crashed"; "the revolution of the earth about the sun takes one year"
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When another pocket of air rises, its starts a clockwise rotation.
For generic advertising that leads to a clockwise rotation of demand, [p.
The WTP for this consumer rises with a clockwise rotation in demand.
Number Device type 1 Collimator, directed eastward 2 Collimator, directed westward 3 Flat detector without collimator, directed "upwards" 4 Flat detector without collimator, directed "sidewards" 5 Collimator, directed towards the Polar Star 6 Polar Star directed collimator-free flat detector 7 Sun directed collimator, clockwise rotation 8 Collimator-free flat detector, directed "upwards" 9 Horizontal collimator, directed northward Number Coordinates 1 Puschino, lat.
If DIR is connected to ground, the output value increases with clockwise rotation.
In a reference frame with clockwise rotation, the deflection is to the left of the motion of the object.
NATE MARTINEZ NYT SYNDICATE IT doesn't take long to realise the 2013 Scion FR-S is special--just an aggressive 4-second wide-open throttle jab, a short three-two downshift, and a clockwise rotation of the FR-S' small 14.
The whirlpool appearance represents the swirling pattern of the gut and the superior mesenteric vein as they wrap around the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) in a clockwise rotation (Figure 9).
So enamoured is Nicky with the 11C, which orbits the city on a 27-mile clockwise rotation, that she has authored an entry on it for a new book called Bus-Pass Britain: 50 of the Nation's Favourite Routes.
In clock test 6, the participants' answers were less accurate in the case of a 90-degree clockwise rotation (position 9) (t = -4.
Stoughton, MA), is a newer method that relies on pleating the small bowel by clockwise rotation of an overtube that has a raised helix at the tip (1, 24).
38 from Smith & Wesson is the fact the cylinder rotates in a clockwise rotation, as opposed to the traditional counterclockwise rotation.