clockwise rotation

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Noun1.clockwise rotation - rotation to the right
gyration, revolution, rotation - a single complete turn (axial or orbital); "the plane made three rotations before it crashed"; "the revolution of the earth about the sun takes one year"
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The final cephalometric measurements found no increases in FMA or SN-GoGn angles, indicating vertical control with mini-plates for the intrusion of the molars, observing no clockwise rotation of the mandible.
After the migration, the intestinal loop undergoes 180[degrees] counter clockwise rotation getting the pre-arterial limb to lie left to SMA and the post-arterial limb superior and right to the SMA.
Because the left side of the front transverse wall is closer to the settlement turning line than the right side, the front transverse wall exhibits clockwise rotation. In contrast, the back transverse wall exhibits counterclockwise rotation since the right side of the back transverse wall is closer to the settlement turning line than the left side.
An electrocardiogram showed low voltage in the limb lead, left axis deviation, clockwise rotation, and negative T waves in the V1-V2 lead indicating pleural effusion and right ventricular enlargement (Figure 1(b)).
For patient I, it was planned alteration of OP in clockwise rotation of the MMC to decrease chin projection, to fill paranasal region, and to soften the mandibular contour.
Caption: Figure 3: Torted omentum with a clockwise rotation.
If the lens sits in a stable position then a compensation can be made to the lens order to account for this clockwise rotation and 30[degrees] should be added to the spectacle refraction axis
The corebox was only good for either clockwise or counter clockwise rotation. As demand increased and new throat sizes were needed, it became apparent Elliott needed new ways to develop the cores in a more efficient and consistent manner.
If +1 is multiplied by -1 the result is -1 or a 'counter clockwise rotation' about the origin of 180[degrees].
It is also consistent with the former results; that is, the anticlockwise rotation direction of the pin can provide better wear resistance than the clockwise rotation direction, under the conditions of this study.
Counterclockwise rotation is positive, and clockwise rotation is negative.