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1. A lump or chunk, especially of earth or clay.
2. Earth or soil.
3. A dull, stupid person; a dolt.

[Middle English, variant of clot, lump; see clot.]

clod′dish adj.
clod′dish·ly adv.
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Adj.1.cloddish - heavy and dull and stupid
stupid - lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity
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They're miracles of perseverance, so much so that a certain 68-year-old Democratic nominee can get a pneumonia diagnosis and deliver a big (if cloddishly rendered) speech at a fundraiser that same night.
Where "Olympus" was at least cloddishly good-humored in its "Die Hard" stylings, there's something coldly snarling and vindictive about its sequel's flag-waving, as well as a presumptuousness that global auds will invest equally in its on-screen fight for American leaders and freedoms, at any cost to those of other nations.
Centered around a fugitive seeking to exonerate himself in the most out-there manner possible, this cloddishly contrived suspenser is too busy to bore, but too farfetched to thrill, combining routine heist-thriller machinations with dialogue that often thuds like a body hitting asphalt.