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 (klôg, klŏg)
1. An obstruction or hindrance.
2. A weight, such as a block, attached to the leg of an animal to hinder movement.
3. A heavy, traditionally wooden-soled shoe.
v. clogged, clog·ging, clogs
1. To obstruct movement on or in; block up: Heavy traffic clogged the freeways.
2. To hamper the function or activity of; impede: "attorneys clogging our courts with actions designed to harass state and local governments" (Roslyn L. Anderson and Patricia L. Irvin).
1. To become obstructed or choked up: The pipes had clogged with rust.
2. To thicken or stick together; clot.
3. To do a clog dance.

[Middle English, block attached to an animal's leg.]
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Adj.1.clogged - thickened or coalesced in soft thick lumps (such as clogs or clots); "clotted blood"; "seeds clogged together"
thick - relatively dense in consistency; "thick cream"; "thick soup"; "thick smoke"; "thick fog"
2.clogged - stopped up; clogged up; "clogged pipes"; "clogged up freeways"; "streets choked with traffic"
obstructed - shut off to passage or view or hindered from action; "a partially obstructed passageway"; "an obstructed view"; "justice obstructed is not justice"
3.clogged - loaded with something that hinders motion; "The wings of birds were clogged with ice and snow"-Dryden
encumbered - loaded to excess or impeded by a heavy load; "a summer resort...encumbered with great clapboard-and-stucco hotels"- A.J.Liebling; "a hiker encumbered with a heavy backpack"; "an encumbered estate"


adj (fam) obstruido, bloqueado, tapado (fam)
References in classic literature ?
Gradually his brain emerged from the clogged clouds, and at last he was enabled to more closely compre- hend himself and circumstance.
It has been said that the whale only breathes through his spout-hole; if it could truthfully be added that his spouts are mixed with water, then I opine we should be furnished with the reason why his sense of smell seems obliterated in him; for the only thing about him that at all answers to his nose is that identical spout-hole; and being so clogged with two elements, it could not be expected to have the power of smelling.
He shed them so thick they kind of clogged up the air, and altogether he shed seventeen suits.
I have known a great deal of the trouble of annuities; for my mother was clogged with the payment of three to old superannuated servants by my father's will, and it is amazing how disagreeable she found it.
They used a bespoke test cell designed to allow direct viewing of the membrane channel for clogged solids.
In certain tank cleaning applications in the food and beverage industry a common problem can be clogged tank cleaning heads.
In most of the time, the emitters remained totally clogged, but some unclogged when the motor pump started and rapidly clogged again.
Ideally suited for the packaging industry, RTM cartridges replace failed or clogged multi-stage pumps to maximize productivity and minimize downtime.
When the dozer's secondary filter becomes clogged, have your unit mechanic replace it.
RAWALPINDI -- The poor sanitation system and clogged drainages in Sadiqabad located in Rawalpindi is causing inundation of water lying on the roads.
The residents of Sadiqabad complained against the clogged drainages exist in the area and claimed that when the rain spell occurred the whole area is full of water and even they did not able to go for offering prayers in mosque due to poor drainage system.
Sabyr Omurkanov recognized the problem, but noticed that water supply system is not clogged everywhere, there are only isolated cases.