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 (klôg, klŏg)
1. An obstruction or hindrance.
2. A weight, such as a block, attached to the leg of an animal to hinder movement.
3. A heavy, traditionally wooden-soled shoe.
v. clogged, clog·ging, clogs
1. To obstruct movement on or in; block up: Heavy traffic clogged the freeways.
2. To hamper the function or activity of; impede: "attorneys clogging our courts with actions designed to harass state and local governments" (Roslyn L. Anderson and Patricia L. Irvin).
1. To become obstructed or choked up: The pipes had clogged with rust.
2. To thicken or stick together; clot.
3. To do a clog dance.

[Middle English, block attached to an animal's leg.]
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Adj.1.clogging - preventing movement; "the clogging crowds of revelers overflowing into the street"
preventative, preventive - tending to prevent or hinder
dřeváčkový tanec
irsk stepdans
facipõs tánckopogós
airiškas tryptinis
iru tautas deja ar piesitieniem
drevákový tanec


(ˈklogiŋ) noun
Irish tap dancing.
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By those best acquainted with his habits, the paleness of the young minister's cheek was accounted for by his too earnest devotion to study, his scrupulous fulfilment of parochial duty, and more than all, to the fasts and vigils of which he made a frequent practice, in order to keep the grossness of this earthly state from clogging and obscuring his spiritual lamp.
Something must be done at once or they would rush forward upon their fellows in a mad stampede that would result in trampling down hundreds beneath the flood and eventually clogging the passage beyond any hope of retreat for those in advance.
Casaubon had been slow and hesitating, oppressed in the plan of transmitting his work, as he had been in executing it, by the sense of moving heavily in a dim and clogging medium: distrust of Dorothea's competence to arrange what he had prepared was subdued only by distrust of any other redactor.
He read the leading article, in which it was maintained that it was quite senseless in our day to raise an outcry that radicalism was threatening to swallow up all conservative elements, and that the government ought to take measures to crush the revolutionary hydra; that, on the contrary, "in our opinion the danger lies not in that fantastic revolutionary hydra, but in the obstinacy of traditionalism clogging progress," etc.
This feature was designed to create an unrestricted channel through which outgoing snow can move freely, without clogging.
The researchers found that men who had low concentrations of testosterone in their blood were significantly more likely to exhibit more serious coronary clogging than their peers with high concenterations of the hormone.
Graphic Utilities' proprietary micro-dispersion technology is a pigment dispersion process in which colorants are dispersed to an extremely fine particle size to ensure reliable jetting without clogging and jet face residue build-up.
In testing on typical homes, the PermaFlow product has been proven effective in eliminating clogging while maintaining water flow in all kinds of rain conditions, from light sprinkles to heavy downpours.
Villa points out that people with severe atherosclerosis have fewer circulating T4 lymphocytes because these white cells are buried within the plaque clogging their arteries.
Among other evidence: Probucol, a powerful antioxidant drug, slows artery clogging in rabbits that are genetically prone to heart disease.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The scientific principle of liquid adhesion is the secret to how the new PermaFlow(TM) Gutter Guard System channels clean rainwater into gutters and downspouts, while preventing leaves, twigs and other debris from entering and clogging the system.
Lasers have also been used on a more common problem, clogging of the arteries that feed the heart muscle itself.