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 (klôg, klŏg)
1. An obstruction or hindrance.
2. A weight, such as a block, attached to the leg of an animal to hinder movement.
3. A heavy, traditionally wooden-soled shoe.
v. clogged, clog·ging, clogs
1. To obstruct movement on or in; block up: Heavy traffic clogged the freeways.
2. To hamper the function or activity of; impede: "attorneys clogging our courts with actions designed to harass state and local governments" (Roslyn L. Anderson and Patricia L. Irvin).
1. To become obstructed or choked up: The pipes had clogged with rust.
2. To thicken or stick together; clot.
3. To do a clog dance.

[Middle English, block attached to an animal's leg.]
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Adj.1.clogging - preventing movement; "the clogging crowds of revelers overflowing into the street"
preventative, preventive - tending to prevent or hinder
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dřeváčkový tanec
irsk stepdans
facipõs tánckopogós
airiškas tryptinis
iru tautas deja ar piesitieniem
drevákový tanec


(ˈklogiŋ) noun
Irish tap dancing.
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He read the leading article, in which it was maintained that it was quite senseless in our day to raise an outcry that radicalism was threatening to swallow up all conservative elements, and that the government ought to take measures to crush the revolutionary hydra; that, on the contrary, "in our opinion the danger lies not in that fantastic revolutionary hydra, but in the obstinacy of traditionalism clogging progress," etc., etc.
CLOGGED CANAL -- Workers of the Kidapawan City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office clear the debris clogging the Senator Ninoy Aquino Avenue waterway in the city proper following a heavy downpour Monday, June 17, 2019).
'To this we will be taking action to determine all clogging issues will be managed, and to ensure contractors around KL will not repeat this matter again,' Khalid said.
Once drainage systems are clogged, persistent clogging is not far off, and costly pipe replacement or drain bypassing almost always follows.
Clogging of emitters is a serious problem affecting microirrigation systems [1, 2].
Tribune News Network Doha A research team from the Gas Processing Center (GPC) at Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG), along with external collaborators from Public Works Authority (Ashghal) and Qatargas, has developed a method for testing clogging of membrane bioreactors (MBRs).
Clogging is usually caused by particles within the recycled cleaning fluid blocking the small holes in traditional spray balls.
Emitter clogging is one of the most serious and complex problems in drip-irrigation systems, and water quality and the emitters' labyrinth geometry are determinant factors in this process.
Inadequate drainage due to chest tube clogging is especially a problem for smaller diameter tubes required for pediatric heart surgery.
Principles and Management of Clogging in Micro Irrigation
John the Plumber performs a variety of clogging services including blocked drains, blocked pipes, blocked gutters, blocked toilets, drain cleaning, drain jetting, drain installation, and valve repair.
Last month, the New York Times ran an article blasting flushable wipes and their role in clogging municipal sewage systems.