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 (kloi′zə-nā′, klə-wä′zə-)
1. Decorative enamelwork in which metal filaments are fused to the surface of an object to outline a design that is filled in with enamel paste.
2. The art or process of producing such enamelwork.

[French, past participle of cloisonner, to partition, from Old French cloison, partition, from Vulgar Latin *clausiō, clausiōn-, from Latin clausus, past participle of claudere, to close, lock.]

cloi·son·né′ adj.
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(klwɑːˈzɒneɪ; French klwazɔne)
(Art Terms)
a. a design made by filling in with coloured enamel an outline of flattened wire put on edge
b. the method of doing this
(Art Terms) of, relating to, or made by cloisonné
[C19: from French, from cloisonner to divide into compartments, from cloison partition, ultimately from Latin claudere to close2]
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(ˌklɔɪ zəˈneɪ; Fr. klwa zɔˈneɪ)

enamelwork in which colored areas are separated by thin metal bands.
[1860–65; < French, derivative of cloison partition < Vulgar Latin *clausiō < Latin claudere to close]
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Noun1.cloisonne - enamelware in which colored areas are separated by thin metal stripscloisonne - enamelware in which colored areas are separated by thin metal strips
enamelware - cooking utensil of enameled iron
Adj.1.cloisonne - (for metals) having areas separated by metal and filled with colored enamel and fired
adorned, decorated - provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction
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The 5ft 8ins "cloisonne" ornament was discovered in the lounge of a Loughborough bungalow.
The Japanese cloisonne vase, which is 5ft 8ins tall, was found in the lounge of the home during a routine home visit.
"Today the role of CIOs is not 'cloisonne' to your technical department, and you are called upon to take on more business responsibilities," Esmyot said as she addressed the gathered delegates.
A cloisonne vodka set estimated at up to PS300 went for treble that.
And how could I forget a stunning Japanese cloisonne vase that came in from a nearby Glasgow vendor.
A sumptuous and technically spectacular ewer made in the imperial workshops in the 1760s or '70s has a solid gold body coated with fine cloisonne work (a technique introduced from Europe the previous century) surrounding gilded cartouches of painted enamel scenes (Fig.
An unusual cloisonne piece, the wall vase of two conjoined cylinders features intricate details and gilt bronze decoration on a turquoise ground ($10,000-15,000).
Maybe next revision we'll see the long-protected market for traditional rice paper and ink-blocks opened up, just as the ones for lacquerware and cloisonne enamel have been set free in recent years.
THE beauty of cloisonne is widley known for the depth of colour, intricate designs, and quality.