close around

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w>close around

vi +prep objumschließen, sich schließen um; the waters closed around the drowning mandie Wellen schlugen über dem Ertrinkenden zusammen
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They crept into the corn, but the army did not march on, but remained encamped close around them.
A chief now wrapped his blanket close around him, and bade me dismount.
Edwards caught the painter of his skiff, and, making a noose, cast it from him with all his force, and luckily succeeded in drawing its knot close around one of the antlers of the buck.
Very close around the stockade--too close for defence, they said--the wood still flourished high and dense, all of fir on the land side, but towards the sea with a large admixture of live-oaks.
The snow-peaks did not hold themselves aloof, in aristocratic reserve; they nestled close around, in a friendly, sociable way; guides, with the ropes and axes and other implements of their fearful calling slung about their persons, roosted in a long line upon a stone wall in front of the hotel, and waited for customers; sun-burnt climbers, in mountaineering costume, and followed by their guides and porters, arrived from time to time, from breakneck expeditions among the peaks and glaciers of the High Alps; male and female tourists, on mules, filed by, in a continuous procession, hotelward-bound from wild adventures which would grow in grandeur very time they were described at the English or American fireside, and at last outgrow the possible itself.
Another rabble pressed close around our old friend, the valiant King of Thunes, armed to the teeth.
Close around them loomed the impenetrable blackness of the jungle.
WILLIAM Hill is to close around 700 branches, putting up to 4,500 jobs at risk.
In a statement, the firm said: "William Hill has entered into a consultation process with retail colleagues over plans to close around 700 licensed betting offices."
High street betting group William Hill has put 4,500 jobs at risk after revealing plans to close around 700 shops.
This offering is expected to close around 12 April 2019, subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions.
National newspaper reports this week stated that fashion and home furnishings retailer Laura Ashley planned to close around 40 of its stores amid moves to expand in China.