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n.1.(Her.) A diminutive of the chevron, containing one fourth of its surface. Couple-closes are generally borne one on each side of a chevron, and the blazoning may then be either a chevron between two couple-closes or chevron cottised.
2.(Arch.) A pair of rafters framed together with a tie fixed at their feet, or with a collar beam.
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Once a very close couple, Theresa caught Gavin red-handed talking behind her back, so she booted Gavin out.
Initially, Anya is determined to find a way to begin again at school, having come back from Liberty only to find that Natty has come home from genius camp and skipped two grades; Gable and Scarlet are now a close couple; and Win has a new girlfriend.
He sent letters to people in the street, saying 'Do you know she's trying to poison me?' "They were a very close couple. You'd see them hand in hand.
Recent episodes show the normally close couple attending marital counsel;ing, but they eventually reconcile.
Family friend and neighbour the Rev John Scott said: 'They were a very close couple and went everywhere together.