close down

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close down

vb (adverb)
1. to cease or cause to cease operations: the shop closed down.
2. (General Sporting Terms) (tr) sport to mark or move towards (an opposing player) in order to prevent him or her running with the ball or making or receiving a pass
3. a closure or stoppage of operations, esp in a factory
4. (Broadcasting) radio television Brit the end of a period of broadcasting, esp late at night
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Verb1.close down - cease to operate or cause to cease operating; "The owners decided to move and to close the factory"; "My business closes every night at 8 P.M."; "close up the shop"
adjourn, retire, withdraw - break from a meeting or gathering; "We adjourned for lunch"; "The men retired to the library"
يُغْلِقُ نِهائِيّايَنْتَهي البّثُّ الأذاعي
přestat vysílatzavřít podnik
adás: az adás véget ér
hættahætta útsendingu
skončiť vysielaniezastaviť prevádzku
faaliyetini durdurmakkapanmakkapatmakyayını bitirmek

w>close down

(business, shop etc)schließen, zumachen (inf); (factory: permanently) → stillgelegt werden
(Rad, TV) → das Programm beenden; programmes close down at about 12Sendeschluss (ist) gegen 24 Uhr; we’re now closing down for the night(und) damit ist unser heutiges Programm beendet
vt sep shop etcschließen; factory (permanently) → stilllegen


(kləuz) verb
1. to make or become shut, often by bringing together two parts so as to cover an opening. The baby closed his eyes; Close the door; The shops close on Sundays.
2. to finish; to come or bring to an end. The meeting closed with everyone in agreement.
3. to complete or settle (a business deal).
a stop, end or finish. the close of day; towards the close of the nineteenth century.
close down
1. (of a business) to close permanently. High levels of taxation have caused many firms to close down.
2. (of a TV or radio station etc) to stop broadcasting for the day (noun ˈclosedown).
close up
1. to come or bring closer together. He closed up the space between the lines of print.
2. to shut completely. He closed up the house when he went on holiday.
References in classic literature ?
The big packers did not turn their hands off and close down, like the canning factories; but they began to run for shorter and shorter hours.
The livelong day he sat in his loom, his ear filled with its monotony, his eyes bent close down on the slow growth of sameness in the brownish web, his muscles moving with such even repetition that their pause seemed almost as much a constraint as the holding of his breath.
He privately smoothed out the curls, with labor and dif- ficulty, and plastered his hair close down to his head; for he held curls to be effeminate, and his own filled his life with bitterness.
And in all seriousness they have set a gun- boat to watch the vessel night and day, with orders to close down on any revolutionary movement in a twinkling
Onward through the dim wood they passed until the shadows of the quick coming Martian night commenced to close down upon them.
It was very near, but not yet in sight; when, in addition to the tramp, tramp, I heard a rush under the hedge, and close down by the hazel stems glided a great dog, whose black and white colour made him a distinct object against the trees.
She drew an arm round my neck, and drew my head close down to hers as she sat in the chair.
I got in, and the boy shut the window close down, to keep out the cold.
Bertha Kircher was no coward, whatever else she may have been, but as night began to close down around her she could not shut out from her mind entirely contemplation of the terrors of the long hours ahead before the rising sun should dissipate the Stygian gloom--the horrid jungle night--that lures forth all the prowling, preying creatures of destruction.
The cultivated ground, with its beautiful productions, interspersed with cottages, comes close down to the water's edge.
Office-bearers Joint Action Committee including Malik Azhar Mehmood, Mohammad Usman, Shahid Hussain, Nasir Mehmood, Naseer Janjua, Mohammad Ibrahim and others talking to reporter told that cantonment administration wanted to close down those educational institutions in the name of security, which were cleared by the security institutions in 2009.
However, the nazim of these bodies warned that they would close down their offices and suspend work if the promise wasn't fulfilled.