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Noun1.close order - a military formation for drill or marching
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
military formation - a formation of troops
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He then commanded his general (who was an old experienced leader, and a great patron of mine) to draw up the troops in close order, and march them under me; the foot by twenty-four abreast, and the horse by sixteen, with drums beating, colours flying, and pikes advanced.
The utensils drew back and allowed them to pass without protest, although Captain Dipp marched the Spoon Brigade in close order after them until they had reached the edge of the clearing.
But the field was not yet won, for they retreated in close order toward the East gate, resolved to hem the attackers within the city walls.
As for his features, they seemed kindly and good humored, and his eyes were turned merrily upon his visitors as Ozma and Dorothy stood before him with their followers ranged in close order behind them.
When they reached the rich plain of Troy, they came up out of the sea in a long line on to the sands, at the place where the ships of the Myrmidons were drawn up in close order round the tents of Achilles.
Then in the darkness before the dawn they had come about and steamed northward in close order with the idea of passing through the German battle-line and falling upon the flotilla that was making for New York in support of the German air-fleet.
The Willowbank are one of four teams who take close order at the top of the table on 12 points thanks to a 2-0 win at Empress Lettings Athletic, with efforts from Kent and Chadwick.
A group of 11 would start the run in close order, with a 20 second lead over the chasers.
Cloudy Dream briefly took up close order but it was the briefest of scares for favourite backers, with Native River and Johnson powering 12 length clear by the line.
Georgia pushed on again and but for Coleman keeping close order on Valeri Kazaishvilli, the attacking midfielder would have been through on goal.
Richard Hannon's colt made a big leap forwards following an inauspicious handicap debut at Lingfield to take close order in a decent six-furlong affair at the West Berkshire venue.
Companies Training as follows: 1 hour Close Order Drill, half hour Physical Training, half hour Guard Drill, half hour Handling of Arms, and Company Drill for N.C.Os, half hour lecture.