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Adj.1.close-packed - packed especially tightly
compact - closely and firmly united or packed together; "compact soil"; "compact clusters of flowers"
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The close-packed hay did not once break away off her fork.
Alone he could have sprung into the midst of that close-packed mob, and, laying about him after the fashion of Numa, the lion, have struck the Arabs with such consternation that escape would have been easy.
The close-packed throng extended from the other side of the Langham Hotel to Oxford Circus.
Across roofs and through buildings they made their way, till they found themselves looking down upon the close-packed soldiers.
Then, after he had well-fed the loud-bellowing cattle with fodder and driven them into the byre, close-packed and chewing lotus and began to seek the art of fire.
Estimated at PS800-1,200 the 41/2in (11cm) diameter, 3lb dated Baccarat close-packed millefiori paperweight had been found in a house clearance in nearby Dinas Powys.
The proposed absorber is composed of W triangles in a hexagonal close-packed array on a W substrate, which can effectively capture solar light of wavelength less than 2 [micro]m.
For more than two decades, FRACTAL has explored, developed, and invented fractal-based electromagnetic technology, and used close-packed fractal resonators/fractal antennas for electromagnetic waves, with a broad and or multiband advantage.
You entered his domain knowing that whatever you wanted was somewhere in his Aladdin's cave of close-packed shelves and overflowing boxes all piled up in, to the uninitiated, no apparent order.
The familiar streets of close-packed terraced houses were starting to fall, alongside 50 or so pubs, and much of the hustle and bustle of life was disappearing with them.
Inset, a few of the 5,000 close-packed robotic positioners that place the ends of optical fibres to collect the light from a single galaxy or quasar
At the CPVC, the binder present is just enough to fill all of the voids between particles in a close-packed configuration.