closed-end fund

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Noun1.closed-end fund - a regulated investment company that issues a fixed number of shares which are listed on a stock market
investment company, investment firm, investment trust, fund - a financial institution that sells shares to individuals and invests in securities issued by other companies
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Clough Global Equity Fund (NYSE MKT: GLQ), a closed-end fund, said it has paid a monthly distribution of USD0.1150 per share on its common stock.
The market price of a closed-end fund's shares can be affected by factors such as changing perceptions about the fund, market conditions, fluctuations in supply and demand for fund shares, changes in fund distributions, and other factors.
The third annual Aberdeen Asset Management Closed-End Fund Survey is designed to gather financial advisors' ideas on attitudes toward and usage of closed-end funds.
Voya Investment Management revealed on Tuesday the common shares distribution of its closed-end fund, Voya Infrastructure Industrials and Materials Fund (NYSE:IDE).
18 November 2013 -- Baltimore US-based closed-end fund Adams Express (NYSE: ADX) said that its board has voted to extend its share repurchase programme and has authorised the repurchase of up to 5% of the outstanding shares of the fund's common stock (or up to 4,607,443 shares) through December 31 2014.
The Fund provides daily liquidity and allocates its assets among three strategies: a closed-end fund strategy (managed by RiverNorth), a senior loan strategy and a high yield bond strategy (both managed by Oaktree).
This is something that equity closed-end fund investors can accomplish relatively easily.
Oaktree's solid closed-end fund investment performance of 9 percent gross for 2018 further validates our disciplined and risk-controlled investment approach.
The Fund is a closed-end fund managed by NexPoint Advisors, L.P., an affiliated adviser of Highland Capital Management, L.P.
Nuveen has been in the closed-end fund industry for 30 years.
Example 1: CEF closed-end fund holds stocks of various companies; the current market value of those shares is $100 million.