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of or pertaining to a computer or electronic signal that is fed back from the output of a circuit, device, or system to the input and then back to the output.
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In this light, the closed-loop non-linearity measure consists of two key ingredients:
Closed-loop control of drug administration uses an input variable (anaesthetic depth, blood pressure or the degree of neuromuscular blockade) to control the output (drug delivery rate) (3).
Standard features: Modular construction, closed-loop regulation of injection unit; graphically programmable, 32-bit Selogica multiprocessor control; swiveling barrel.
Palo Alto, CA -- Agilent Technologies ( and Speedline Technologies ( are conducting joint research on the implementation of closed-loop process control for paste printing PCB assemblies.
The VT-HACD-1 can be used as either a closed-loop control card for hydraulic and electro-hydraulic drives or as a command-value generator.
Every step, from feeding the cells to the harvesting of the injection syringes, will be executed in a sterile, closed-loop system.
He projected the leading use of RFID for the next three years will be closed-loop container and pallet tracking.
Unlike a more traditional robot that uses the x,y,z axes to locate objects, Gaskett instructs the ATR robot to use a closed-loop system in which the robot can see and identify both its hand and a target object--in this case a pink ball.
BST Pro Mark has unveiled its BST Genius Digital automated inspection and integrated closed-loop process control system for web printing applications.
Two new solutions, Blue Pumpkin Advisor and Blue Pumpkin Activity Manager, complete the Workforce Optimization Suite to form a closed-loop system that transforms the workforce into a strategic asset capable of impacting market share and profitability.
nTracking works seamlessly with Grafica.eCRM's closed-loop n-2-END(TM) Marketing Solutions, which bring the "learn-act-measure-improve" model of traditional direct mail to online campaigns.
The dynamometer control features closed-loop control, road load calculations, external or internal shunt calibrations and inputs for speed and torque transducers.

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