closed-loop system

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Noun1.closed-loop system - a control system with a feedback loop that is active
control system - a system for controlling the operation of another system
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Through its innovative closed-loop system, Revolution markets a wide array of plastic solutions for the agricultural sector, which it then recovers, cleans and processes into a post-consumer resin ("PCR").
The chain creates a complete cycle: From farmland waste to energy generation and back to providing fertilisers for the farms, ensuring that nothing is wasted.The closed-loop system has been a conversation amongst environmental experts for decades.
TUESDAY, May 15, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- For physically active adults with type 1 diabetes, the addition of glucagon delivery to a closed-loop system using wearable sensors with automated exercise detection is associated with reduced hypoglycemia, according to a study published online May 11 in Diabetes Care.
Insulet announced promising new data for its Omnipod Horizon Automated Glucose Control System hybrid closed-loop system, which will be presented at the 11th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes, or ATTD, congress in Vienna, Austria.
From simulation and bench testing to validation and production testing, having a closed-loop system to measure audio and dynamic signal performance over an A2B network is an integral part of incorporating the bus technology into next-generation automotive systems.
For the subsequent discussions, the closed-loop system obtained via integration of the classical helicopter and the OVC designed for it is referred to as the 1st closed-loop system.
To attenuate the negative impact from unknown inputs and stabilize the closed-loop system, various methods including robust control [1-4] and sliding mode control [5-10] have been proposed.
In order to ensure the stability of subsystems and the closed-loop system, the stable representations of unstable subsystems and the unstable closed-loop system are generated.
The FD filter is constructed and the closed-loop system model is obtained in Section 2.
For given time constant [T.sub.f] and vectors [delta] [??] [epsilon] [??] 0, consider system (5); if there exists a feedback control law u(t) and a positive scalar [J.sup.*] such that the closed-loop system is finite-time stable with the respect to ([delta[, [epsilon], [T.sub.f], [sigma](t)) and the cost function satisfies J [less than or equal to] [J.sup.*], then The closed-loop FOPSS is called GCFTS, where [J.sup.*] is a guaranteed cost value and u(t) is a guaranteed cost finite-time controller.
M2 PHARMA-September 29, 2016-JDRF awarded US FDA approval for Medtronic MiniMed 670G hybrid closed-loop system

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