closely held corporation

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Noun1.closely held corporation - stock is publicly traded but most is held by a few shareholders who have no plans to sell
corp, corporation - a business firm whose articles of incorporation have been approved in some state
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"The court finds that in this case where AAM and English have attributes similar in nature to a closely held corporation and a controlling majority shareholder, respectively, another exception to the general rule applies."
submitted "[a] closely held corporation is defined as a corporation
(3) In so holding, the Court cleared up previous disagreement among several lower courts as to whether closely held corporations should be given this title and the protection that it affords.
closely held corporation and explains the national development of the
In some states, however, the requirements for "closely held corporations" may be relaxed.
Such price differences may be due to differences in the private company securities (e.g., voting stock versus non-voting stock) or differences in the size of the block of closely held corporation stock.
Deduction: Business expenses: Resonable Compensation: Closely held corporation: Office: Seven.
Courts analogize these duties to those owed within a statutorily created closely held corporation. (11) While there is no standard set of attributes, certain characteristics distinguish closely held corporations from their publicly traded counterparts.
For instance, suppose a shareholder who owns 49 percent of the shares in a closely held corporation with a value of $2 million is faced with a "squeeze out" by the majority owner and petitions to dissolve the corporation pursuant to Florida's dissolution statute.
1975) (asserting small, tight knit group, essential characteristic of board of directors in closely held corporation).
is a closely held corporation that manufactures marine engines.