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Turjun, the panthan, crept close to the companionway, his sinuous fingers closing tightly upon the hilt of his dagger.
Abruptly closing the window, she threw aside her shawl, and lit the candles on the mantelpiece, impelled by a sudden craving for light in the solitude of her room.
As we have received certain very disquieting information concerning the value of these shares, we must ask you to adjust the account before closing hours to-day, or we shall be compelled to place the shares upon the market.
A few minutes before closing time he strolled into the bank and no one noticed a great bead of perspiration which stood out upon his forehead.
Quietly closing the door the fugitives moved silently to the next, which they found locked.
Therefore they worked hard, but not harder than Judge Driscoll and Tom worked against them in the closing days of the canvass.
The closing speech of the campaign was made by Judge Driscoll, and he made it against both of the foreigners.
The closing was set for February 2006, but because their first-time home buyer program gave them access to nontraditional financing, setting up the financial paperwork took a bit longer than expected.
Dioceses large and small across the country have announced the closing of Catholic schools due to lack of funds.
20, the court granted partial summary judgment, on the issue of liability, to the plaintiff/purchaser of a home, and against the defendant/law firm which represented him in connection with the purchase, for failing to obtain, at the closing, a written copy of a temporary or permanent c/o.
Los Angeles County supervisors say their recent vote to close the trauma center at a South Los Angeles hospital was a last-ditch effort to stop federal officials from closing the entire hospital and triggering the collapse of the L.
2003-78 streamlined and standardized the process for entering into a closing agreement to establish an exemption from Sec.