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Noun1.clothes closet - a closet where clothes are storedclothes closet - a closet where clothes are stored  
wardrobe, closet, press - a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes
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When he saw Anne coming towards him he sprang to his feet, bolted up the back stairs, and hid in a clothes closet, out of which he would not come.
Members filled the West Side clothes closet with socks and underwear.
Shamokin Area Middle School in Coal Township, Pennsylvania, has created "The Clothes Closet," which offers nearly 100 articles of clothing for students to wear in accordance with the school's dress code policy.
The photograph shows fur and wool jackets hung inside a clothes closet at a girls' school.
Leftover apparel was donated to the North Eugene High School clothes closet, which provides free clothing to students.
These donations will be used to further the work of the weekly food pantries, community meals, clothes closet, and the Jackson Street Community Garden.
LOT 1 - FURNITURE Single bed with drawer Buc 168 Buc computer table 168 Polite suspended Buc 168 Clothes closet Buc 84 Buc kitchen table 9 Cabinet body machine washing machine Buc 9 Buc study table 45 Corp library Buc 9 Metal rack Buc 9 Kitchen furniture Buc 9 LOT 2 - SEATS Visitor chairs Buc 298 LOT 3 - MATTRESS Mattress 168 Buc
Dubuque, Iowa (AP) -- At first glance, there is nothing glitzy or glamorous about the Community Clothes Closet in Dubuque.
Other programs include the Clothes Closet, which is stocked with donated clothing and shoes, and Housing Repair, which builds wheelchair ramps and completes basic house repairs.
Inside the henhouse, the perch is made from a clothes closet pole.
I load items from each category into shoeboxes, put a label on them and put them at the top of my clothes closet.
Inside the house I would like to have hidden room, a window seat-bed, a huge clothes closet, a vending machine that's inside the wall next to my bed, a room with spa, Jacuzzi and sauna, and a rollercoaster room.