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 (klōz′hôrs′, klōthz′-)
1. A frame on which clothes are hung to dry or air.
2. A person excessively concerned with dress.
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1. a frame on which to hang laundry for drying or airing
2. informal a dandy
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(ˈkloʊzˌhɔrs, ˈkloʊðz-)

1. a person whose chief interest and pleasure is dressing fashionably.
2. a frame on which to hang wet laundry for drying.
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Noun1.clotheshorse - a framework on which to hang clothes (as for drying)
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
2.clotheshorse - a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearanceclotheshorse - a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
coxcomb, cockscomb - a conceited dandy who is overly impressed by his own accomplishments
macaroni - a British dandy in the 18th century who affected Continental mannerisms; "Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni"
adult male, man - an adult person who is male (as opposed to a woman); "there were two women and six men on the bus"
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'"A literary man--WITH a wooden leg--and all Print is open to him!" That's what I thought to myself, that morning,' pursued Mr Boffin, leaning forward to describe, uncramped by the clotheshorse, as large an arc as his right arm could make; '"all Print is open to him!" And it is, ain't it?'
| IN other news this week, pictures of Kate Moss (clad in black tights I might add) leaving her 45th birthday party at London's China Tang this week seem to verify the recent claims the Croydon clotheshorse has given up the booze.
A clotheshorse, a foodie, a shoe junkie, a product junkie, techno junkie, wanderlust, binger..
The goal is for lawyers to appear "capable and elegant" not an automaton or clotheshorse.
Now France is the latest European country to slap Facebook with the same order, as pointed out by ( Clotheshorse.
The Croydon clotheshorse wants lover Count Nikolai von Bismarck to get better acquainted with 19-year-old Lottie as their relationship steps up a gear.
'I was exposed early on because my mother was such a clotheshorse,' said Oliva, the youngest in a brood of four, as she showed us a photo of her well-dressed family.
blink and you'll have missed her looking remotely bigger than normal as she snapped back to her perfect clotheshorse size within no time.
He's had rocky moments but that makes him interesting rather than just some pretty clotheshorse. He's sober, beating addiction and has been pulling in the crowds since the 80's.
Professional clotheshorse Alexa Chung for example, works brands she suits - Superga, AG and Eyeko.
Seeing the Croydon clotheshorse pull off Zoolander's iconic "Blue Steel" pose...
Not much of a clotheshorse, Kalki takes the road less travelled when it comes to dressing up, just like with her films.