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Adj.1.clothesless - possessing no clothing
unclothed - not wearing clothing
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A real person embraces the hungry, the thirsty, the clothesless, the homeless, and the abused.]
(4) Leon Kass affirms that "the root sense of erum, 'naked,' is 'smooth': someone who is naked is hairless, clothesless, smooth of skin.
The Council's weapon is democratic force of numbers, and their function is to prevent evictions of the destitute, or if evicted to bring pressure to bear on the Relief Commission to find a new home; if an unemployed worker has his gas or his water turned off because he can't pay for it, to see the proper authorities; to see that the unemployed who are shoeless and clothesless get both; to eliminate through publicity and pressure discrimination between Negroes and white persons, or against the foreign born, in matters of relief ...