clotting time

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Noun1.clotting time - the time it takes for a sample of blood to clot; used to diagnose some clotting disorders
period, period of time, time period - an amount of time; "a time period of 30 years"; "hastened the period of time of his recovery"; "Picasso's blue period"
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The activated clotting time test is used extensively in cardiovascular surgery, cardiac catheterization labs (angiography and angioplasty) and other critical care settings to monitor patients on heparin therapy.
The role of the activated clotting time in heparin administration and neutralization for cardiopulmonary bypass.
PolyMedix has conducted animal studies that have shown that a single administration of PMX- 60056 following heparin or LMWH can completely normalize blood clotting time in the animal subjects.
Such low-molecular-weight heparins are currently used clinically for patients with deep venous thromboembolism and cannot be monitored by clotting time-based assays such as ACT [201 or activated partial thromboplastin time [21], since they do not increase clotting times significantly.
Relative ease of clinical trials - the primary endpoint is not disease related, but is expected to be demonstration of normalization of blood clotting time,
As the in vivo concentration of antithrombin drug increases, the clotting time increases in a linear dose-dependent manner with essentially no effect of heparin on the clotting time end point, a potentially important clinical consideration when determination of only the anticoagulant effects of the direct thrombin inhibitor is desired.
It provides accurate and convenient measurement of blood clotting time, or PT/INR values.
Point-of-care clotting time devices have recently emerged and offer some economic advantages over current laboratory-based devices [2].
Total quantity or scope: 1) Defibrillator - 2 pcs, 2) renal replacement therapy device with disposable materials - 2 units, 3) Apparatus for measuring the clotting time of disposable materials-2 units, 4) to monitor hemodynamic measurements - 1 pc 5) Apparatus for general anesthesia - 1 pc 6) surgical diathermy-1 set, 7) Surgical Diathermy - 1 set, 8) Headlamp - 4 pieces, 9) Surgical Diathermy-1 set
All patients on anticoagulant medication need a prescription from their doctor for a self-testing meter and supplies before being able to monitor their own clotting time at home.
The HemoSense product, the INRatio System, measures the patient's blood clotting time to ensure that patients with a propensity to form clots are maintained within the therapeutic range with the proper dosage of oral anticoagulant therapy.
Xarelto-induced inhibition of thrombin generation and prolongation of both prothrombin time and activated clotting time were also partially reversed by andexanet alfa in a dose-dependent manner.