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A sudden heavy rainstorm; a downpour.


(Physical Geography) a heavy downpour



a sudden rainfall.
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Noun1.cloudburst - a heavy raincloudburst - a heavy rain        
rain, rainfall - water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere
شُؤبوب، وابِلٌ من المَطَر
průtrž mračen
aguacerogota fría
skÿfall, dembiskúr
prietrž mračien
şiddetli sağanak


[ˈklaʊdbɜːst] Nchaparrón m


[ˈklaʊdbɜːrst] nviolente averse fcloud cover ncouverture f nuageusecloud-cuckoo-land [ˌklaʊdˈkʊkuːlænd] n (British) to live in cloud-cuckoo-land → planer complètement
She lives in cloud-cuckoo-land → Elle plane complètement.


[ˈklaʊdˌbɜːst] nacquazzone m


1. a mass of tiny drops of water floating in the sky. white clouds in a blue sky; The hills were hidden in cloud.
2. a great number or quantity of anything small moving together. a cloud of flies.
3. something causing fear, depression etc. a cloud of sadness.
1. (often with over) to become cloudy. The sky clouded over and it began to rain.
2. to (cause to) become blurred or not clear. Her eyes were clouded with tears.
3. to (cause to) become gloomy or troubled. His face clouded at the unhappy news.
ˈcloudless adjective
free from clouds. a cloudless sky.
ˈcloudy adjective
1. full of, having, or covered with clouds. It is a bit cloudy today.
2. not clear. a cloudy photograph/memory.
ˈcloudburst noun
a sudden heavy shower of rain.
under a cloud
in trouble or disgrace.
References in classic literature ?
On board the Arangi, relieved by the lowering of her mainsail, as the fierceness went out of the wind and the cloudburst of tropic rain began to fall, Van Horn and Borckman lurched toward each other in the blackness.
And wouldn't it a-ben a hundred thousand if that cloudburst hadn't busted my wing-dam?
The whole atmosphere was dizzy and dangerous, as if men were upheld in air amid the gyrating wings of colossal genii; and the whole of that old church, as tall and rich as a cathedral, seemed to sit upon the sunlit country like a cloudburst.
and in her unresting activities, and her fearless ways, and her sunbursts and cloudbursts, she is always bringing George back to me.
Livorno has never been so devastated by bad weather," the mayor of Livorno, Filippo Nogarin, said in a video posted on Twitter, adding the weather forecasts did not suggest a cloudburst so violent in central Italy.
Summary: Uttarakhand [India], August 14 (ANI): Four soldiers and three civilians have gone missing after a cloudburst hits the Mangta Nala region of Uttarakhand on Monday.
NEW DELHI, June 20 (KUNA) -- Indian police sources said on Thursday that at least six people were killed while 11 others were injured in a cloudburst and subsequent flash flood that hit Thathri town of Doda district in northern India's Jammu and Kashmir.
It's part of the new Splash collection, and with clean, crisp, clear-theair notes of wet grass, wild strawberry, passion flower and white orchid, it's far more 'refreshing cloudburst in the Caribbean' than 'soggy Bank Holiday in Bognor'.
a close collaboration with the City of Copenhagen on climate adaptation as well as the Cloudburst Resiliency Planning Study conducted by Ramboll as two important elements in the citys quest for meeting this vision.
Chiaro's Cloudburst sensor offers high-speed, real-time 3D image streaming that is useful in applications where speed is more important than capturing a high resolution image.
T HE AAJ Tak team walked 17 kilometres to reach Ghat block in Chamoli district where cloudburst has wreaked havoc.
Damaged houses after a cloudburst hit Singhali area near Pithoragarh on Friday.