clouded leopard

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cloud·ed leopard

A medium-sized wild cat (Neofelis nebulosa) native to Southeast Asia, having brownish or gray fur with black markings similar to those of a leopard.
leopardo longibandopantera nebulosa
léopard tachetépanthère longibandepanthère nébuleuse
leopardo nebuloso
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The clouded leopard, native to foothills of the Himalayas, broke out on Boxing Day after floods damaged the compound where it was kept with other exotic animals.
The clouded leopard, native to foothills of the Himalayas, broke out onBoxing Dayafter floods damaged the compound where it was kept with other exotic animals.
com/modern-lions-may-share-fate-extinct-saber-toothed-tigers-ice-age-2537111) Sunda clouded leopard is found on the Indonesian island Sumatra and on Borneo, which is shared by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.
One notable exhibit is a preserved Formosan clouded leopard, a species that was marked as extinct in the early 2000s.
A Bornean clouded leopard and her two cubs were captured on camera strolling through a Malaysian forest reserve last week, a rare daytime sighting of the elusive animals in the wild.
Though new species of megafauna are discovered from time to time, including in recent years new species of clouded leopard, dolphins and the olinguito, there is nothing credible - no bones, no faeces, no bite-marks, no bodies - to suggest that there could be something large and considerably different from sea creatures that we know of today.
And he also comes face to face with a rare clouded leopard - a moment that leaves even Paul dumbstruck.
Currently, a vast number of animals inhabit a total area of 150,000 square kilometres, with the Bengal tiger, the clouded leopard, the saltwater crocodile, the Black panther and the fishing cat being its chief predators in the Sundarbans.
The biodiversity of Maliau's is amazing, it holds 38 percent of the island's animal species alone, from the clouded leopard to the Sumatran rhino and many more.
They are home to thousands of plant species, countless types of insect, a vast array of birds, and some of the world's most iconic and endangered mammals like the orangutan, Sumatran rhino, clouded leopard, and pygmy elephant.
The zones of disturbance logging activities and wildlife hunting were shown to impact species presence, with some species only occurring in green zones (currently unlogged forest), such as stink badger (Mydaus javanensis) and some species only occurring in red zones (high logging activity), including species of conservation concern, such as Sunda clouded leopard (Neofelis diardi) and Sunda pangolin (Manis javartica).
In the second instalment, Gordon and Justine make their way into the mountains of western Burma in search of the sun bear, the Asian golden cat and the clouded leopard.