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adj. cloud·i·er, cloud·i·est
1. Full of or covered with clouds; overcast.
2. Of or like a cloud or clouds.
3. Marked with indistinct masses or streaks: cloudy marble.
4. Not transparent, as certain liquids.
a. Open to more than one interpretation.
b. Not clearly perceived or perceptible.
6. Troubled; gloomy: His future at the company is cloudy.

cloud′i·ly adv.
cloud′i·ness n.
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The blue eyes seemed more cloudily blue than usual, and the crisp, sandy hair hinted more than ever of the pale straw-gold that was not there.
Coavinses' coffee-room is at the back, and the shadows of several gentlemen under a cloud loom cloudily upon the blinds.
Being cloudily conscious of never having heard of the Zimmernes in his life, he could only remark, stolidly: