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Adj.1.clove-scented - smelling of clove
odorous - having odor or a characteristic odor; "odorous jasmine flowers"; "odorous garbage"; "fresh odorous bread"
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Candy Floss, a pale pink, clove-scented double, looks stunning with purple sage and Alchemilla mollis.
Those which will grow happily in containers include night-scented stocks, clove-scented pinks and scented pelargoniums in the Fragrans Group, which have leaves with the aroma of lemon, orange and mint.
Centre of the ancient spice trade where clove-scented zephyrs blow off the land to the sea.
1 bare root plant for pounds 9.99 OFFER 2: CLOVE-SCENTED PINKS Among the easiest of perennials to grow and care for, your pinks will arrive as well-rooted plants, ready to be planted straight into your pots or borders.
OFFER 1: CLOVE-SCENTED PINKS (12 plants for pounds 15.99) Cottage garden perennial favourite.
We've also lined up some other brilliant gardening offers for you: OFFER 1: Clove-scented Pinks Cottage garden perennial favourite.
USE summer-flowering perennials such as clove-scented pinks and bedding plants such as "cherry pie-scented" heliotrope to fill gaps in sunny borders.
The chops were marinated in clove-scented chilli yoghurt and tandoori grilled, the meat falling off the bone, while the mixed kebab was a kaleidoscope of flavours.