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(ˈklaʊ nə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. clownish behavior.
2. an instance of this.
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By erasing the boundaries between different theatrical forms, we would like to showcase a broad palette of media used in contemporary theatre, from street performances to opera and ballet, audiovisual productions and clownery. By highlighting diversity we will give the freedom of choice to the public.
It's McKinnon's general clownery -- literally, her climactic moment involves a showdown on a trapeze -- but it makes the lightweight material sing.
Despite wild tonal shifts between abusive domestic melodrama and exaggerated clownery, "Waitress" holds together under the assured direction of Diane Paulus ("Pippin," "Hair").
Liberal clownery on electricity prices almost defies description.
Each play is developed in a collective work process through constant rediscovery of disciplines such as mask theatre, dance, clownery, acrobatics, improvisation, mime and physical comedy.
Nearby was a painting by Nussbaum himself: Made after the artist fled with his wife to Belgium in 1935, the canvas is an astonishing self-portrait masked in burlesque clownery. From Nussbaum and Alys, there was a view to Luc Tuymans's Secrets, 1990, an obdurate, closed-eyed portrait of Nazi architect Albert Speer; Jef Geys's 1965 painting based on the colored identification badges prisoners were forced to wear in concentration camps hung high to the right of doorway.
We just kind of wanted to bring the clowns out, because it's clownery - it's ridiculous what's happening."
The justification to insert the art of clownery in the households was based on the fact that it is a liberating, educational, creative and cultural instrument.
Now they are arrived, make much of them and with the credit of thy clownery, protect thy Cutbert from Carpers.
And this the 47-year-old, with the comedic mime skills of Mr Bean, achieved with aplomb, deploying his grounding at circus school with a series of sleight-of-hand manoeuvres, eye-catching clownery and theatrical prop use, as he played out the much-loved story.
if you wish, this work is close to a kind of clownery.