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1. One that wields a club.
2. One who is active in a club.
3. One who frequents nightclubs.


a person who regularly frequents nightclubs and similar establishments


(ˈklʌb ər)

a member of a club.


[ˈklʌbəʳ] Ndiscotequero/a m/f
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Sir Thomas Clubber, Lady Clubber, and the Misses Clubber
Tupman's ear, as the charitable committee ushered Sir Thomas Clubber and family to the top of the room.
Smithie bowed deferentially to Sir Thomas Clubber; and Sir Thomas Clubber acknowledged the salute with conscious condescension.
Colonel Bulder and Lady Clubber was of the most affectionate description; Colonel Bulder and Sir Thomas Clubber exchanged snuff-boxes, and looked very much like a pair of Alexander Selkirks--'Monarchs of all they surveyed.
While the aristocracy of the place--the Bulders, and Clubbers, and Snipes--were thus preserving their dignity at the upper end of the room, the other classes of society were imitating their example in other parts of it.
I don't believe anyone attending the event from the guests, planners, or management was expecting it either," Houssam, another clubber, told Arab News.
The clubber with the most likes will be awarded Clubber of theWeek title and will win the fabulous prize from the Commercial Hotel.
The 34-year-old sister testified to prosecutors that the 29-year-old assaulted and cursed her while she was involved in a heated argument with another clubber sitting beside them.
am posed for a selfie with a clubber who captioned the picture: "Not the best photo but I mad moment meeting @iamwill and the Black Eyed Peas in work #cardiff #blackeyedpeas.
One clubber said: "If I've done my calculations correctly, Colours have made at least an extra PS14,000 from this.
A top nightclub's licence is under threat following the death of an underage clubber.
NIGHTCLUB promoters sparked outrage by posting a photo of a clubber wearing a 'joke' Madeleine McCann Christmas costume online and stating: 'We found Maddy'.