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 (glo͞o′tē-əs, glo͞o-tē′-)
n. pl. glu·te·i (glo͞o′tē-ī′, glo͞o-tē′ī′)
Any of the three large muscles of each buttock, especially the gluteus maximus, that extend, abduct, and rotate the thigh.

[New Latin glūteus, from Greek gloutos, buttock.]

glu′te·al adj.


(ˈglu ti əl, gluˈti əl)

pertaining to the buttock muscles or the buttocks.
[1795–1805; glute (us) + -al1]


Relating to the buttocks.
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Adj.1.gluteal - of or relating to or near the gluteus muscles


[glʊˈtiːəl] ADJglúteo


adjGesäß-; gluteal musclesGesäßmuskeln pl


a. glúteo-a, rel. a las nalgas;
___ foldpliegue ___;
___ reflexreflejo ___.


adj glúteo
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The corticoperiosteal flap allows avoiding various complications at the donor site that can frequently occur after other bone grafts: chronic (>6 months) donor site pain (8%), dysesthesias around the incision area, iatrogenic nerve injuries (cluneal nerves and lateral femoral cutaneous nerve), superior gluteal artery injuries, iliac fractures and hernias, in case of iliac crest bone graft [39-41] chronic pain (7%), dysesthesias around the incision area, instability and limited range of motion in the ankle, sensory deficit, claw toe, and dorsiflexion of the great toe, in case of vascularized fibula graft [42].