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1. A dull sound; a thump.
2. A blow that produces a dull sound.
3. Informal A stupid, dull person.
v. clunked, clunk·ing, clunks
1. To make or move with a clunk.
2. To strike something so as to make a dull sound.
To strike so as to make a dull sound: "Icy weather affected the clock's mechanism and for several hours Big Ben clunked instead of bonged the time changes" (Christian Science Monitor).

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Noun1.clunking - the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
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Once the novelty of the good view and the chance to get an all-over sun tan (pre-satellite snoopers) wore off, it was all clunking doors and a cannabis smoke-filled lift movement, like an exploding Tardis every five minutes.
When the loop of the first two tracks (each song needed two tracks for stereo) had been played, the playback head of the eight-track machine moved down with a memorable clunking sound to the next two tracks, and so on.
There are clunking changes of tone, weak direction, a lack of energy in too many of the scenes and some silly choreography.
If you are experiencing problems such as clunking or grinding, or have any pain, swelling, discomfort or decreased mobility, you should contact your doctor for initial advice.
Family mediation and collaborative law are increasingly being seen as modern and effective dispute-resolution methods, without the clunking delays and uncertainty that the court process can bring.
You have these plunger valves slamming open or slamming closed, or ball valves clunking full open and clunking full closed," Dr.
Strange noises like humming, ringing, whining or clunking should be checked out by an auto or transmission repair shop.
BBC1, Tuesday, 9pm Pleasures don't come much guiltier than The Deep, where suspension of belief is critical to being able to sit through some of the clunking dialogue.
Either your tires will skip on the dry pavement, causing a "hopping" sensation, or you'll hear clunking. Use part-time 4WD only on wet or icy roads.
The Boy David, he thought was just a lightweight popinjay who could be swept away by his great clunking fist.
NEXT week Gordon Brown returns to the political fray with his much-vauntedautumn fightback-but don't expect a knockout blow from the big clunking fist.
He says that any loans coasting less than six per cent - like the Skipton two-year deal at 5.79 per cent - effectively cost much more because of the clunking fees that many borrowers have to add to their loan.