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Boro scored twice and rattled the woodwork twice and deservedly won - although it was hard work at times in a clunky first half in which only three lastgasp tackles by Ben Gibson kept Villa at bay.
uk | Spruce up that clunky laptop with the ingenious HD monitor for laptops, PS149.
01 Clunky in the name of comfort is making way for pretty, wearable choices of heels
An unlucky-in-love woman is swept off her feet by a guy who seems absolutely perfect in a clunky stalker thriller that's anything but.
Clunky Hallmark soap with tinny music and tin-ear dialogue.
Since its Surface tablet was introduced in 2012, Microsoft has positioned the device as a replacement for the clunky laptop.
Now we've kicked off our clunky boots it's time to inves t in summery shoes.
Summary: Jenson Button expressed disappointment on Saturday at the progress made on his clunky McLaren, .
Played from a third-person perspective, its Gears-inspired, cover-based shooting can feel a little clunky and fraught at times.
I had an affection for the clunky, comfortable, quiet headset, but when the ANR electronics went belly up for the second time, I was stuck with a fancy-looking paperweight.
Surely it's possible, even in this day of CLUNKY - Cop John Luther (Idris Elba) television extremes, to notch up the tension without all the gore.