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1. A group of the same or similar elements gathered or occurring closely together; a bunch: "She held out her hand, a small tight cluster of fingers" (Anne Tyler).
2. Linguistics Two or more successive consonants in a word, as cl and st in the word cluster.
3. A group of academic courses in a related area.
v. clus·tered, clus·ter·ing, clus·ters
To gather or grow into bunches.
To cause to grow or form into bunches.

[Middle English, from Old English clyster.]
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Adj.1.clustered - growing close together but not in dense mats
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
gregarious - (of plants) growing in groups that are close together
2.clustered - clustered together but not coherent; "an agglomerated flower head"
collective - forming a whole or aggregate