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Adj.1.clv - being five more than one hundred fiftyclv - being five more than one hundred fifty
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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For increasing CLV, the report asserts that by definition, organizations can only maximize CLV if they have a complete, holistic understanding of their customers, which it says is a pipe dream for most organizations.
Brussels-based Ageas said the divestment of its minority stake in CLV is in line with its strategy to concentrate its efforts on further developing businesses where it holds stronger positions or in growth markets.
Hence, this paper tries to propose a practical framework which calculates CLV for customer segmentation and then allocate marketing strategies to each segment in order to deploy more targeted and personalized marketing strategies.
The core functions of banks remain the same over time where Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) management is determined by the process of acquisition, retention, development, and collection.
With surveys showing that having to constantly repeat information at every touch-point is the number one complaint for consumers, Emirates NBD is helping to eliminate customers' frustrations and create higher customer lifetime value (CLV).
He's promoting Erasure's new best-of compilation, called Always, and in a way, Andy - one half of the band that formed three decades ago - doesn't have much choice in the matter, since his musical partner Vince ClV arke has all but retired from doing them.
He said that it's no secret that loyal, returning customers have a higher customer lifetime value (CLV) than new ones.
Thus, the objectives of this research are: (a) to identify, through a systemic approach, the interactions between the elements that make up the main results of relationship marketing, especially CLV, according to the vision of the surveyed professionals, and (b) to propose an aggregate cognitive map that represents the overview of the surveyed individuals as to how CLV is formed through the interaction between relationship marketing elements.